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Based in California USA, we are in the Emails promotion/website design and business development for years! Our powerful emailing systems can send more than 10 millions per day per account! All emails sent are in full compliance with USFederalCan-SPAM act 2003. We guarantee advertising results!
Our website built team has excellent tech skills to build affordable business starter websites and full-scale featured advanced websites. We also provide extremely useful and practical tools to help our clients grow their businesses. We have so much confidence that you will be happy with our products and service, we even offer no money down no deposit necessary to start your Website Built package A -- You must be absolutely satisfied with our work or you don’t pay a penny with no further obligation whatsoever!

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Do you know?
**Email is projected to bring in $39.40 for every $1 spent in 2012, and $35.02 for every $1 spent in 2016.

**Commercial email is expected to drive $63.1 billion in sales this year.

**Email marketing is one of the most result oriented and cost effective marketing methods.

**Unfortunately, Lack of tools, training, and budget are obstacles to take a fair share of this giant emailing pie.

**Huge number of people continue to blast emails with no knowledge of deliverability or emails open rate; worse, some don’t even have access to reports of how many emails were actually sent.

Good news is:
**EmailsSent.com has very powerful system to send more than 10 million emails per day per account effectively and legally with sophisticated result reports.

**EmailsSent.com is also one of the largest opt-in email database suppliers in the USA.

We call our data “bullets”
and we call our emails sending tools “guns”! With bullets in the guns, you aim where you want to target and shoot.

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