Criterion for an effective Web Design

1. Simple and yet attractive

            > Website must be user-friendly, time-saving, handy, or comfortable to look at. Don’t fill up your page with nonsense or irrelevant ideas. 

            > Prevent putting distractions like animations and sounds. This also lead to a waste of time loading for your visitors with slow connections. The visitors may force them to load the animations and sounds file even they don’t want to.

Remember: Visitors who are striking with blinking  ads are more likely leave the site without scanning or clicking on anything. They will definitely less likely to bookmark the site, recommend it, or even return to it.

            > Avoid the annoying pop-up windows

            > Avoid putting text over the background image. One of the problem with this case is that it took longer to load the site.


2. Never test our visitor’s tolerance

            As related to the first criterion above, your website must keep the details minimal. The idea is clear and indeed make sense. Be direct to the point, visitors don’t like it when you flip flop and exaggerate the facts. Visitors want definite and precise.


3. White space is still in great importance.

            It can make your website look attractive and cozy. The comforting effect of white space is soothing to the eye of the visitors. The content of it can be scanned easily. So white space is actually very effective.


4. Testing your website repetitively

            Always conduct a usability test to make sure your hard work design is an effective one.


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