What to expect in 2013 Web Design trends

Web Design fashion and trends is somewhat hard to predict. We all know that technology and the virtual world are constantly evolving. Earlier trend was focus on media features but now it turns out to be the usability and how stylish it looks. The present trend of style in the internet for the past 2 or 3 years has been a shiny, glossy buttons with gradient finishes making website to have been built using a glass and some reflective metals. Now here are some web design trends predicted this coming 2013:


> Responsive Web Design (RWD) - It is currently on top of the list and absolutely true that this technique is definitely here to stay. As we all know that every now and then a new kind of desktop and mobile devices are being introduced in the market .

> Simplicity - yes, you’ve read it right! Simple, but not simpler. As the description implies, Don’t be afraid of just a “simple, white space web designs” they are definitely in for 2013.

> Oversize Everything - because of the touch and tap screen nowadays, it is totally expected on the trend of huge buttons. Not only buttons, but also Photo backgrounds, full-width background images or full-size sliders, headings, etc.

> Typography design will now trending - As social networking sites really hit the world of internet, typography design will be a lot of importance because it is considered to be the foundation of any websites.

** above mentioned web design trends  were just a forecast for the coming 2013**


Television viewers increasingly watch their favourite programmes with mobile devices in hand, using them to find info to things they’ve seen, connect with other viewers, or generally browse or email during the adverts. The “second screen” trend is changing TV viewing in surprising ways”

** sources: Ericson, Interactive Advertising Bureau/ ABI Research, NIELSEN, The Hollywood  Reporter, TV Guide. Email.

click here: http://socialnewsdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/rise-of-the-second-screen.png

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